Hi, Human

I am a DJ and visual artist from Belgrade, based in London UK. I start DJ-ing as part of the DJ duo Banda Panda and we’ve been performing together since 2010 being a regular part of Belgrade’s most prominent underground clubs like 20/44, KC Grad and Drugstore. I’m also running two party serials – Bipolar, focused on bringing more left-field international artists to Belgrade and F-Society serial which is dedicated to promoting female electronic and techno artists. My music style explores through sluggish techno and trance, industrial, post punk and gloomy disco.


As a graphic designer I’ve over 10 years of experience of specialising in design for the entertainment industry, producing artworks for leading video production and music distribution company. I also works with a diverse range of clients within arts and culture. My work covers a broad spectrum of design disciplines including Art Direction, Branding, Illustration and Typography.